we, citizens of the 21’st century, have
witnessed the emergence of digital
formats. contained in digital formats,
information is transportable and
instantly accessible.

with the development of new
technologies, an infinite choices of
storage systems have emerged while at
the same time the lifetime of the storage
is constantly threatened.
the compatibility between storages and
technological systems is endangered.
thus, our data can in anytime disappear
and be lost forever.

we, citizens of the 21st century, need to
acknowledge this phenomenon, and
think of new alternatives to preserve our
digital data. the compatibility between
the storages and technological systems
is the threat. the longetivity of our data
is no longer predictable. technology will
become obsolete and will erase
every traces left from our digital
existance. with the development of new
digital storage media, physical objects
are saved as data. the physical
becomes symbolic. the material
becomes immaterial. storage space is
virtually extending, endlessly.

progress is dependent of preservation.
if knowledge is not preserved, progress
will ceased. preservation is killing the
planet. the cloud is the informational
equivalent to the container terminal.
contained in the cloud,
sound now is a ghost.

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